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My album, Royalty will be released January 8th 2021.

Calyx Kre As An Artist: 

Calyx Kre is a musical artist that is a vocalist, rapper, audio engineer, songwriter, producer, and audio vlogger/influencer

She always had an interest and love for performing arts since she was four. Started singing when she was five and started writing songs when she was fifteen. 

When she was eighteen, she was ready to pursue music and found her interest in working with pop and hip-hop genres. 

"Eminem is my biggest inspiration. His music and craft have inspired me to have a voice in my own music". _Calyx Kre. 

While in college studying music and dance, she was looking for recording studios. She came across one and ended up transferring to it for her senior year of college. She got her certificate in recording arts. 

"While I was in college, I took extra vocal lessons, dance classes, and music classes, cause this is something that I really want". _Calyx Kre

After finishing up audio school, she had released her first album and worked with a producer on her second album. 

On her third, fourth, fifth and future albums she does all the production, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering. 

She works hard every day on her music and is starting to evolve with new ideas. She is putting piano chords that she is learning into her music. 

"Never Stop Kre-Ating"!_ Calyx Kre 

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