My Story/Current Projects

"Thoughts and actions are the building blocks that create your life. So, Kreate."_Calyx Kre

Calyx Kre is a vocalist, audio engineer, songwriter, and producer. When she was four, she was able to memorize most of the lines in pre-school plays. She could be more than one character at once. Her love for performing began and her love for music began when she was five. She would sing alone at first. She joined choir in sixth and tenth grade. At the age of fifteen, she started writing songs, but kept them hidden until she was nineteen. Until, she told her parents she wanted to be a musician. She took vocal lessons at the age of 19-21, while attending college. Before turning 22, she was currently working on her first EP with someone who works with production. She transferred from the college she was going to and went to an all music school. Studying audio engineering, production, and vocal technique. This led her to produce three playlists, two EPs, and her first official album during her education. She became, Calyx Kre, vocalist, audio engineer, and songwriter. She doesn't call herself a popstar, she calls herself an artist. "Being able to combine my talents, is who I am."_Calyx


"Being on the autism spectrum has benefited me to able to connect with music on a deeper level  and to continue to learn music at my own pace. I want to inspire others on the autism spectrum not to give up." 

"Stars glowing brighter." _Calyx Kre

Right now, her newest project is her fourth official album, Laws Of The Universe. This album is about healing. In January of 2019, she went through a rough time and she continues to grow as an artist. The album is law of attraction themed, because she is actually a law of attraction believer. She believes the law of attraction works and has proof that it works. She is working on becoming a better performer. She made it through I'm-Possible, now it's time to rise with Laws Of The Universe. 

"I love these songs off of my fourth album, because I feel like I'm heading in a new direction a bit. Laws Of The Universe is definitely way more different than Higher Vibrational, Introvert, and I'm-Possible. I feel really happy and I feel like my life is finally going my way." _Calyx Kre