The Story Behind Each Track On Laws Of The Universe

Track 1: Point Of No Return. 

This song was inspired from when my mom and I went to a lecture on blackholes and dark matter. After learning more about the event horizon in blackholes, the song idea was born. 

Blackholes are my favorite part about space. They may seem scary, but they are full of mystery. I like mysterious. The event horizon A.K.A, the point of no return, I found really interesting, which gave the idea for the lyrics. 

The parts that have autotune were an idea that was giving to me by a listener. I wanted the parts that have autotune to sound like, what it would be like in a blackhole. I wanted the actual feeling of spacetime being altered in the song. This was also at the time when the first picture of a blackhole was announced, which was also inspiration. 

Track 2: Positivity. 

When I was writing and producing this song, I was starting to switch my focus onto my music. Making music my main priority. 

I wanted the vocals to have a lot of autotune, because I want it to feel like an energy shift when positivity is applied. This is where the spoken part with the autotune vocals became the hook. 

I wanted this song to be on the album, because I wanted it to be my power song. Finding the strength in myself to overcome the challenges I faced last year (2018) and the beginning of 2019. 


Track 3: Intuition. 

I wrote this song about past romantic feelings that were lingering. Sometimes when we have feelings for someone who we remember as great, they linger. I wrote this song in order to connect with these feelings, so I could release and let go. 

Track 4: Consciousness. 

This song is about releasing old habits and about feeling empowerment as a woman in the music industry. 

"As a woman, I encourage women to fight for equality and respect through empowerment". _Calyx Kre

Track 5: Expansion Of Higher Frequency. 

I wrote this song about moving forward and releasing what no longer serves me. With the Law Of Attraction, in order to move into alignment, you have to let things go. This is another song about release and letting things go. 

Track 6: Thoughts Become Things. 

With this song, I wanted it to be the sequel to my other single, Intuition. I was still getting over the past romantic feelings. I was at the point where it feels like they were taking over. This song helped me to release these feelings as well. 

Track 7: Want To Feel The Resonance. 

This song is about when I was in a hard place in my life. I wrote this song, to show I will not allow challenges to affect my life. 

Track 8: Portals. 

I got this idea when I felt like I was going through an energy shift. The feeling of entering a new chapter feels like going through portals. 

Track 9: Entanglement. 

This is the final song about the past romantic feelings. I think infatuation is an interesting topic, because every story behind infatuation is different.


Track 10: Poisonous Infatuation. 

I wrote this song after I finally got over the past romantic feelings. The name of the song came from how the feelings affected me. I felt like the infatuation was poisoning my mind. The song was born.  

Track 11: Spiritual Awakening. 

I wrote this song to show, I was going to start looking inward. I wanted this song to say that the right romantic relationship is out there, but it takes time. In the meantime, I'm focusing on working on myself. The Sci-Fi vibe was brought into the song to represent moving forward. 

Track 12: Attraction. 

This song is a sequel to Spiritual Awakening. You can't have the law of attraction without attraction. I wanted this song, to have the feeling of moving forward which gives it it's Sci-Fi vibe. 

Track 13: Laws Of The Universe. 

This is the outro track and I wanted to send and finish with a positive message to my listeners. I hope you enjoy my new album, Laws Of The Universe!!!

Colliding Galaxies Tour

This tour was to celebrate my first two albums and playlists. This tour was really special to me, because after dealing with a rough time at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, I wanted to bring my music to life for my fans/followers. 

I wanted to show I was healing and bringing myself back to what I love after dealing with losing my dog to cancer, struggling with anxiety and stress/illness. I wanted to show that I was conquering these obstacles and I wasn't going to let challenges hold me back from what I love. 

My album, Introvert is dedicated to my dog, Felix, who I lost to cancer. He was a very special dog and my best friend. I got him when I was eight and I had him until I was almost twenty three. He died the night before my birthday in 2018. Even with all the sadness going on, my mom told me it is a good omen and he will be there in spirit for every birthday I have now. Felix had such a great impact on my life and it was hard to let him go. 

I wanted this tour to honor Felix and to celebrate my albums, Higher Vibrational and Introvert. Also, celebrating my playlists, New Beginning and Finding Myself. I want to thank, License .1, KMG Life, and the Attic for letting me share my music and myself. 

Thank you-Calyx Kre