Calyx Kre Music Label 

Calyx Kre Music Label Services: 

Backup Vocals Feature

Mixing and Mastering (Coming Soon)

Music Production Services (Coming Soon)

Projects I've Featured On:

Calyx Kre Music Label is another branch of the Calyx Kre Music Business. My label is designed to help other artists,songwriters, and producers with looking for backup vocals on their next project. 

As a vocalist, I get offered to do collaborations and I have worked with producers and other artists. For collaborations I'm only doing features for backup vocals.

I thought this would be a great business idea to help other artists, songwriters, and producers and to build friendships with other artists,songwriters, and producers. 

Keep In Mind When Working With Calyx Kre Music Label: 


1. I don't sign artists on my label. My label is designed to work with other independent artists (like myself) and to allow their ideas to come to the table. 


2. Working with Calyx Kre Music should feel like a networking experience/collaboration. Your ideas are always welcomed, so don't  be afraid to share. At Calyx Kre Music Label, I want to make sure that your vision becomes a reality. 

If you are interested/considering doing business with me or have questions, just go to the Contact Tab.